How can we create synthetic light weight monitor for private URLs?

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I am trying to reach the URLs which are hosted on private VPC which are only accessible through vpn. Is there any way to connect to the URLs using synthetic lightweight monitor?

Hi @surya_dadi_dhamarake,

If you are trying to connect to a private network through our managed Synthetic locations, those monitors will not be able to reach the network. You'd need to tweak the VPN configuration to allow inbound connections from the service and you probably don't want to go down that route.

Instead, we provide the Synthetics private location integration. With it, you could deploy an elastic agent inside the VPN network itself (or connected to it through the VPC gateway) and be able to reach the required URLs.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @emilioalvap ,

Thanks for the reply. So We have to install elastic agent in the network where we have access to those endpoints or URLs and enrolled that agent in fleet ?

Thanks @emilioalvap , It worked. I have installed elastic agent and unroll in fleet. Used the policy to create private location.

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