[synthetics] errors with private location with synthetics browser monitors

I am trying to create a monitor using a private location. I am following this procedure

however, when I set up the monitor with the private location from the uptime page in kibana, I get the following error:

io:job could not be initialized: browser monitors cannot be created outside the official elastic docker image

as additional information I am using fleet server on elastic cloud 8.6 and an elastic agent 8.6 installed in a container in GCP virtual machine .

Could you help me?
thanks in advance

Hey irivas95,
if you want to set up a private location you need to use the elastic-agent-complete Docker image as described here:

Elastic provides Docker images that you can use to run Fleet and an Elastic Agent more easily. For monitors running on private locations, you must use the elastic-agent-complete Docker image to create a self-hosted Elastic Agent node. The standard Elastic Cloud or self-hosted Elastic Agent will not work.

Hope that helps,

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