Monitoring synthetic

I have a question related to synthetic monitoring.

the structure I have and fleet agent in docker environment and I wanted to know if only that is necessary to use the agent browser function or do I need something else.

Hi @renato473,

Yes that should be it. Once you have installed the Synthetics integration with Fleet, you should be able to create new monitors right from the Uptime page.

Docs for these approaches is listed here - Set up monitors | Observability Guide [8.3] | Elastic

However, if you are already on > 8.2.0 stack and use Elastic cloud, you could enable the Monitor Management from the Kibana Uptime page and start running Synthetics monitors without having to roll your own Fleet Server. We are in the Public beta for our Synthetics Infrastructure and you can check out more on this demo - Synthetics Public Beta - Google Drive

Please do let us know if you need more details.


One extra note, you'll need to use the elastic-agent-complete image to use browser monitors. The smaller elastic-agent image does not contain browser functionality.

The version I'm on is

in the video that is on the drive, the browser monitoring creation interface is different.

How this was perceived.

possibility of selecting the location where the test and test of the browser script will be carried out before saving the configurations performed.

Thanks Andrew for information type image after changing the image type I was able to use a browser function

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