How can we get the user metrics

Hi Team,

How can we get the user metrics
I would like to know how many users are accessing/hitting my kibana dashboards
Please advise

You might want to think about using a visualization to track the number of users captured in time buckets. You can create a bar chart or area chart and split the series using a terms aggregation.With auto-refresh enabled for the visualization or dashboard, you will see new events as they come in .
For ex: if you pick a Data Tab le Viz and split on the field you wish to see the unique values for.


You can add sub buckets for additional columns. You can add this to dashboard and see how many users are hitting the dashboard.


Thanks Rashmi for reply,

what is time buckets? and where is it stored?
I am looking for the data how and where can i get in kibana.
is this something already available in Kibana/elastic cluster?

I have released my Kibana to my app users. and they started monitoring their dashboards.
but i dont how many users are really using my application

Please let me know.

We don't audit a user's activity in such a way . There is an issue for tracking that feature request .


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