How can we take import index in elasticsearch to export in new Index of elasticsearch...?

Actually, I have to take backup of index to export in new elasticsearch....

Did I understand you correctly: You want to copy an index into a new index?

I want to restore/backup elasticsearch indices.....Trying with snapshot....But dont understand where snapshot is located and where this code has to be executed...

PUT /_snapshot/my_backup
"type": "fs",
"settings": {
"location": "my_backup_location"

What I have done so far is create a direcotry(backup) in elasticsearch and run these comaands

mkdir -p /etc/elasticsearch/backup
chown -R elasticsearch /etc/elasticsearch/backup
sudo apt-get install curl
#add the required path.repo to elasticsearch yaml file
cat >> /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml << EOF
path.repo: ["/etc/elasticsearch/backup"]

we are refering from this

Are you using a single node or a cluster? If you have a cluster you have to set the path.repo on all nodes. After that you register a repository with the api you posted above. Then you can take a snapshot and it will be stored in your registered repository in the path.repo which you set.

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