Backup Of Index In Elasticsearch

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I had a requirement where Elasticsearch is running as a container. I need to take backup of the one of the index and need to restore in Elasticsearch cluster which is running on VM. There is no Kibana configured for the cluster which is running as a container.

Could you please let us know how to run the REST API commands to take Index backup or any other way to take Index backup.


You will need to create a snapshot on some cloud service for example and restore it in the another cluster.

Please check the Snapshot and restore documentation, it explains how to do that.

Thanks @leandrojmp for response but how to run those REST API command since in this cluster no Kibana configured so how to run these command w/o dev console.


Postman It's a good option.
And you can run them with curl directly from your command line that takes a little more work because you have to format the input correctly.

So I'd recommend postman

As mentioned you can use Postman, but if you check the documentation every request example has a button that says Copy as Curl, this will copy the request as a curl command that you can run your terminal, you just need to edit the elasticsearch url and use your credentials for example.

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