How to take backup and restore of specific date indices


Hi Team,

I have gone through the concept of snapshot for backup and restore.

command for backup : PUT/_snapshot / ........./.........?wait_for_completion=true

command for restore : POST /_snapshot/........../........../_restore

Can you please suggest how to take date wise backup and restore?

Purvang Joshi

Can you please

(Yaswanth ) #2

Hi ,

With the help of Curator you can able to do that.


(David Pilato) #3

That's what you said.

What is the problem you have so far?


Hi dadoonet,

In attached snap you can see the command in console which I use to take backup and restore

You can also see list of indices with with date in attached snap.

When I take backup using command its taking all the indices as a backup,but I just want to take a backup of specific date indices i.e : backup of logstash-2017.07.28.

Can you please guide which command will be helpful to solve the query?


(David Pilato) #5

There is an example in the doc:

(system) #6

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