How can we use ELK for proactive decision making in an IT operation


I am looking for evaluating ELK to use it for proactive decision making while reducing interruptions due to incidents. I've installed the ELK and started forwarding logs of selected test servers. when it comes to Kibana, I found it difficult to interpret the dash boards and the logs are not in an understandable format. Can we get Windows Event logs to the Kibana dashboards in a meaningful way? Can somebody help on this?

Are you using Winlogbeat to send data to Elasticsearch?

Yes. Winlogbeat

Please help us for way forward this

This is a very general and high level question which is hard to answer. You might have a better chance to get a meaningful answer if you describe what you have done and provide more details around the problems you are having.

Hi Christian,
we have already installed the ELK and forwarded the logs of few testing servers. We can't understand the log itself. it is shown as on the screenshot we sent. And when we take the dashboard, it shows some figures which we can't find where it has come from.

Please help us for way forward this

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