How can we use Math Aggregation in Kibana Visual Builder 6.7?

I want to perform one calculation. I want to know about what should we provide in variables and how to access our existing fields in document?

Hi, most of the math features in Kibana work on time-based data. What kind of data do you have and what kind of calculation are you looking for?

Some areas to get started:

Hi, I am using data from a CSV file actually. In my calculation, I want to use the results of 2 Series and using Visual Builder for this. This is what I want to calculate:

YTD (Vol) = (Total Voluntary attrition till the month/avg HC)*(365/No. of days in the year so far)

The 2 metrics I am talking about are -Total Voluntary Attrition Count and average Head Count.
I am able to achieve the result of first metric. But How can I obtain the result for second metric because I want to use the result of both metrics.

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