Math in Timelion

I have an Excel spreadsheet that I am doing some math on a field that I was hoping to move over to Kibana using TimeLion. Below is a screenshot of what I am doing. In Kibana, I have a metric visualization that sums a field email.countand with a filter policy.domain:"" AND email.source_ip:"". I select the desired timeframe, get the number and enter it into the appropriate column in Excel.

I do this twice for each timeframe with slightly modified filters for the Legit and Threat columns. Then, in the Threat % column, I divide the value in the Threat column with the value in the Total column, which gives me the percentage.

Is there a way to achieve the same graph/table in Kibana?


Visual Builder is basically Timelion with support for aggregation builders. That will be useful to solve your problem.

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