How Do I create a dashboard with hostnames like Nagios or Zabbix

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I am working with topbeat and the out of the box dashboard do not generate a infrastructure view consolidated by hostname like in another monitoring tool.

For example if you can help me to create dashboard for CPU usage of all servers that will be helpful

(Robin Clarke) #2

Hello Priyavart,

Try something like this:


Of course you can use a line chart if you prefer. :slight_smile:


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thanks, it helped but one more question i have. If my host names are like "" , in legends it is showing legend for broken hostnames(like ip,54,asia,net), it should consider the complete string as a single hostname. This is confusing . How shall we rectify this.

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Hello Priyavart,

It looks like you have your own mapping (not the default topbeats mapping) in which beat.hostname is an analyzed field, probably using the default analyzer and tokenizers which will split on a period (.).
Please try applying the topbeat template and re-indexing your data (or if it is not yet valuable, just delete the index and allow it to be re-created using the template installed).


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Ok, thanks , did that,. I am just a learner so will bother you for a while , hope you dont mind

How do i reindex my topbeat-* index. because I am trying but getting few errors , may be I am not doing it correct.

What i dont get is what is old_type in the reindex command.

my index name is topbeat-[dates]

(Robin Clarke) #6

Hello Priyavart,

Soon reindexing will be natively supported by elasticsearch. I assume that you are using some other tool which has the option old_type ... I assume this means the document type which you are indexing from - probably leave that out if you want to reindex all documents from the index.

Here is another good instruction how to reindex using logstash.


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