How do I include other "extended stats" in a data table?

I'm new to kibana and loving it so far, but I'm stuck on something that I think should be simple but can't figure it out.

I'm creating a Data Table on which I want to order the data by the standard deviation of a particular field (and display it, obviously). Unfortunately, choosing the "standard deviation" metric only seems to show the "standard deviation bounds" upper and lower metrics, which isn't really what I want. The annoying thing is if I look at the API response that kibana received when running my query, I can see that all of the extended stats are there, including the standard deviation, variance, etc. But I can't seem to figure out any way to select these instead to show in a data table or order by them.

Please help! How can I choose from all of the extended stats options on a data table? I was wondering if the JSON Input might get me there, but can't find any documentation on what I can put in this field for this metric.


So I poked around the code and it appears this metric is defined here:

Is adding options for the other extended stats as easy as creating modified copies of this file and adding them to this folder (and rebuilding, etc.)? I couldn't find documentation on writing new metrics, is there someplace I can look for explanation of how these work and how to write my own (otherwise I can just experiment)? Does this one file also handle the sorting behavior for this value? Or is there already a supported way to do what I want?


This used to be possible, but at some point the Extended Stats metric was replaced with a single Standard Deviation metric which, as you've pointed out, only gives you the bounds.

I've opened an enhancement request to provide this feature. Please add your feedback and +1 here:

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