How do I output the score

I perform the following query in:

GET fullsiteindex/_search
  "query": { "query_string" : { "query" :"my search string",  "fields" :["content"] } }, "_source" :["path.real", "path.virtual", "meta.title", "meta.raw.modified", "content"]

this works for as far as it goes. If I run the same search in Kibana at the same level as my _source there is also an _score value. I want to also extract this value, but am having great difficulty. Can anyone show me how to amend my query to additionally return the _score?

Sorry. I don't understand.
The _score field is always here. What exactly are you running? And how?

Hi dadoonet, I pass my Query via MSXML2 using REST. The returning data does not include the score, only the values I have selected to be returned from within _source. If I was running it in Kibana, yes, I can see the score, but I'm extracting the data out.

Can't help sorry. Never used MSXML2.
May be something wrong on your end?

Yes...My end. have resolved it.

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