How do I plot CPU load data with respect to datetime using line chart in kibana visualization?

I have streamed CPU load data using Firehose to ES and displaying the data in Kibana. Now the problem I am facing is I just want to plot CPU load in Y-axis and datetime in X-axis, but Y-axis asks for aggregation which I don't want in this particular case. So how do I do that?

I have the logs in this format and the are parsed accordingly by aws-kinesis-agent

10/Dec/2019:09:35:01 0.02 0.01 0.00 2/254 3295

And parsed data are showing as bellow in kibana

 "_index": "cpu-load",
 "_type": "_doc",
 "_id": "49602067745068477890864645725460844388937766040273682434.0",
 "_version": 1,
 "_score": 0,
 "_source": {
  "datetime": "10/Dec/2019:06:41:01",
  "current": "0.07",
  "5min": "0.03",
  "15min": "0.01",
  "procinfo": "2/274",
  "workload": "30143"

To see individual documents, you must use Vega or Canvas to build the queries. These both have a default limit of 10k documents at a time, so if your use case shows fewer than 10k docs then it'll work.

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Thanks @wylie I have made it what I exactly wanted using vega-lite.

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