Need to show Line chart like Similar to Excel in Kibana

Hello Everyone,
I have two columns
X - Date Column ( 07/01/2020,06/01/2020,05/01/2020)
Y- Value (145,160,1820)
Similar to above points line chart should come


But in kibana it is not showing like this. kindly help anyone how to do it

Have a look at vega scatter plots. They should do the trick.


Thanks can you share any links for vega scatter plots .


Great will look into it . Thanks for update


Another question from my end .how can i show this
X-Axis : Date Column
Y-Axis: 3Categories (Mexico,LA,Boston)

Kindly suggest me how to do .thanks for the support

This is possible with kibana out of the box. Create an Area Visualization.


Thanks for sharing info.

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