Hi All,

Can somebody please help me in customizing visualization in Kibana, through Vega if possible?

I want to create a report (Line Graph and Pie-Chart) as below :

  1. Line Graph - If my current value went above 5secs the line above 5secs changes its color to red and below it remain the same as green. (This must be in continuous line i.e no separate lines it should represent my data in single continuous line). Also the no. of users in that time showing this all in single report. Showing numbers just above the graph in single report.

  2. Pie Chart - If possible can i convert % value while we hover pie chart with the mouse pointer, it should contain total no. of count on that particular section without pointing pointer on section, want to include numbers in pie chart. All this in single report.

Thanks in advance.

@nyuriks can u plz help here?


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