How do I use JIRA with ELK?

I want to be able to query all of my JIRA tickets in Kibana. Is there a proper way to do this or is it not really supported? Currently I just query for any JIRA ticket modified in the past minute, dedupe, and put this into Logstash. But this is a hack.

AFAIK Jira is backed by a relational database of some kind so you should be able to use the jdbc input to periodically import data.

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It probably is, but the JIRA database is firewalled off in my organization. All I can do is query. Thanks for the info though.

Then the http_poller input is probably your best bet.

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Thanks! Here's a related problem we just encountered.

We are trying to selectively "fetch" small parts of a multi peta byte database based on an API call which is stored as a string in Elastic Search. This string changes frequently and we cant just hardcode it. In other words, we want to use fields in elasticsearch as part of the config during runtime.

We want to do something like this:


Input {
Http_poller {
Url =>{result of elastic search query goes here}

Is this possible within ELK?

By the way we can't install forwarders and the like on external boxes, we are only working with the ELK nodes we control plus some external apis.

I don't think there is much you can do outside of having a local service that makes the call for you and you just poll the local URL

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