ELK integration with ITSM


I want to integrate my ITSM tool like JIRA,BMC remedy,ServiceNow with ELK to load my ticket info. In Splunk few connectors are there for this integration. Does any similar connectors available in ELK? Anyother idea to load my tickets into ELK. Please help me to get it resolved

Jira? Read here: How do I use JIRA with ELK?

Similar context goes for the others, if they have an API that can be queried then data can be polled and ingested into Elasticsearch.

If the ticketing system doesn't give relational database support, then any other connectors to load it to ELK. And I want to load my ticket to ELK immediately as soon as the ticket is created in ticketing system.

Here is the go to, @Gayu_Ravi

Thank you . After loading data into Elasticsearch, how can i do correlation of events?

Start by having a look at this: https://www.elastic.co/elasticon/conf/2017/sf/correlating-metrics-and-logs

I believe the getting started with elasticsearch will be a good foundation here to then go onto how to explore your data.

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