How do rollover up index everyday on index lifeincycle

Hi everyone!

I have an elasticsearch index that needs to be rolled over every day, but after I configured it and observed the policy, it doesn't seem to work
And Details are in the following picture:

The problem is I want it to rolloverup index every day. Example:

Please quickly help me resolved, thank everyone very much

Can you provide a little more context on why you need that?

This can be pretty inneficient, also the policy you shared is even worst,it will rollover when your index reach 50 GB OR 1 day has passed since the creation OR it has more than 10 docs, which is too low.

But even with those configurations, it should rollover because it has a maximum age of 1 day.

Can you run GET <index_name>/_ilm/explain on one of the backing indices that you think that should've rollover already to see what happened?

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