How do we figure out if APM agent in node.js is capturing & Sending data to ElasticSearch for Successful transactions?


I have an APM agent for Node.js installed on Linux and its corresponding APM server is configured in Windows along with ElasticSearch and Kibana 5.5.
At present, I can see only error related fields from APM index displaying information (Only Error related data like APM Error, APM ErrorDetails are captured).
Do we have to make any changes in order to display the data for Successful requests and transactions ?


Hi Ramprasad,

You might need to configure your Node.js application differently. Do you use a Express, Hapi or Koa in your application?

Hi Roncohen,

Thanks for your reply.
We are using Loopback in our application and I believe loopback is based on Express.
Do we have any specific approach to configure this in Node.js ? Please suggest.

As mentioned here Does APM support loopback? we don't have built-in support for Loopback yet. Your best bet at the moment is to try and use the Node.js Agent API to set it up: Get started with a custom Node.js stack | APM Node.js Agent Reference [4.x] | Elastic

Ron Cohen

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