How do you define multiple data paths on an Allocator?

The server I plan to use has 8 x SSDs for data storage. How do I define this in the installation script? The documentation just states that the path is a string, but I would need to define 8 paths. In normal Elasticsearch this is as an array. Can you do the same here?

--host-storage-path PATH_NAME
Specifies the host storage path used by the Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation. Defaults to /mnt/data/elastic.

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Configuring multiple paths is not supported in ECE. The path you configure when installing ECE is used by all the services running on that host, including but not only the Elasticsearch nodes running on that allocator.

What you can do in case you want to use all the SSDs is to configure them with RAID 0 (there are a few examples how you can go about doing this based on your OS), that will allow you to expose a single path to be used by ECE while still gaining from the accumulated storage of all the SSDs.

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