How exlude particular index from ilm policy


OS : 22.04 linux
ES version: 7.17.0

I have created ilm policy like delete all indexes after 45 days. I am using * in policy. but I want to exclude particular index pattern which is not deleted or ilm policy is not apply.

means exclude one index pattern from ilm policy

how can I do it?

Moving this to the Elasticsearch topic

Have you tried to remove the policy from the actual index you want to skip?

@jsanz I tried this also but when the new index created it came up with the default ILM policy

@jsanz can you please let me how many max days I can use in min_age or in policy?

Yeah sure, new indices will follow your default policy. To prevent this, obviously, you need to update your default policy to be more specific.

I'm afraid I can't find the documentation for that :confused: . I'd suggest to open a new topic here in the Elasticsearch forum.

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