How get the Action ID in script


In the Watcher, I have two actions which output to Slack. In the payload send to Slack, I want to inside the current Action ID. But I don't find a var contain the action id in the ctx.
I want get the ID of the action which is calling the transform.

Can get the Action ID from the context? Or, I have to write it in the script of the transform in each action?



the action id cannot be retrieved from the context currently, as the actions cannot enrich the context. A script transform would indeed solve this (or of course just hard coding in the action itself).


Hi, @spinscale

Thank for your answer.
Your means I can get the Action ID in the transform which include the action?
How do it :smile:
May you post a sample?


sorry if I was not clear. There is no way to do this, you need to do it manually, like this

"transform" : {
  "script" : "def payload = ctx.payload ; payload.action = 'your_action_name' ; return payload"


Thank you @spinscale

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