How hard to upgrade Kibana from 4.5.1 (or 4.5.2) to latest 4.5.x

I have 1 ELK Cluster that has Kibana 4.5.1 that I would like to upgrade to the latest 4.5.x train so I can use maps.

I also have another ELK Cluster that has Kibana 4.5.2 that again would like to upgrade to the latest 4.5 train (again for maps).

Do I just stop the service, install the new file and then start again or better to uninstall the existing version?


What OS are you on?

One system is on Oracle Linux 7.2 and the other is Ubuntu 16.04.

Did you use the repos?

HI Yes for both I used Repos.

The Ubuntu box I used APT-GET and installed from the URL
The Oracle box I downloaded and ran it locally (yum localinstall).

Just update the repos and do the usual yum update stuff and you should be good!

On these Systems I have Marvel and Sense plugins also installed..
Do I need remove and re-install them?
In saying that with regards to Marvel if I update the kibana plugin should I then remove and re-install the elasticsearch plugin as well?

That is correct.

The Oracle box was a troublesome becauase it has no direct Internet so I had to d/load the RPM and use yum localinstall to run it. Kibana would not start no matter what I did so I uninstalled Kibana and then again installed and after a reboot it worked.

The Ubuntu box which has direct Internet access went through like a breeze... no problem

I have not updated the plugins though, but they are all working as normal.