How hard to upgrade Kibana from 4.5.1 (or 4.5.2) to latest 4.5.x

(somerandomguy) #1

I have 1 ELK Cluster that has Kibana 4.5.1 that I would like to upgrade to the latest 4.5.x train so I can use maps.

I also have another ELK Cluster that has Kibana 4.5.2 that again would like to upgrade to the latest 4.5 train (again for maps).

Do I just stop the service, install the new file and then start again or better to uninstall the existing version?


(Mark Walkom) #2

What OS are you on?

(somerandomguy) #3

One system is on Oracle Linux 7.2 and the other is Ubuntu 16.04.

(Mark Walkom) #4

Did you use the repos?

(somerandomguy) #5

HI Yes for both I used Repos.

The Ubuntu box I used APT-GET and installed from the URL
The Oracle box I downloaded and ran it locally (yum localinstall).

(Mark Walkom) #6

Just update the repos and do the usual yum update stuff and you should be good!

(somerandomguy) #7

On these Systems I have Marvel and Sense plugins also installed..
Do I need remove and re-install them?
In saying that with regards to Marvel if I update the kibana plugin should I then remove and re-install the elasticsearch plugin as well?

(Mark Walkom) #8

That is correct.

(somerandomguy) #9

The Oracle box was a troublesome becauase it has no direct Internet so I had to d/load the RPM and use yum localinstall to run it. Kibana would not start no matter what I did so I uninstalled Kibana and then again installed and after a reboot it worked.

The Ubuntu box which has direct Internet access went through like a breeze... no problem

I have not updated the plugins though, but they are all working as normal.

(system) #10