Best way to upgrade

I would like to update my elk stack to 6.5.1. Now I am in 6.4.2 in my test environnement, in 6.3.0 in production.

I have done a migration last week on my tests servers but it was a disaster because i have lost all my saved searched, dashboard and visualisations. No issue with with elasticsearch.
I remember I have also trouble with the index .kibana, I had to delete .kibana1 and .kibana2.

So what is the best way ?

  1. export everything in management \ saved object
  2. stop the instance
  3. update to the 6.5.1 version
  4. start
  5. voilaaa ?

If I loose saved searched etc.. I have just to import and it's fine ?

I have just one instance of kibana on each environnement.

Thank you for your reply.

Hey @Ludovic9, I'm really sorry to hear that the 6.5 upgrade didn't go well last week. Were you trying to upgrade to 6.5.0? We have fixed the issues that we're aware of with the 6.5.0 upgrade in 6.5.1, so hopefully things should go a lot smoother.

Before upgrading, I'd recommend using snapshot restore to create a snapshot of the .kibana* indices, so worst case scenario we have something to restore from. Using the "export all" in Management -> Saved Objects won't backup everything, so I wouldn't really recommend that as the fallback.

Thank you for your reply.
Yes It was an upgrade to 6.5.0 but it was to my test server so don't worry.

I'm going to upgrade with a snapshot before.

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