Downgrade ELK stack from 6.5.1 to 6.4.3

I want to downgrade ELK to lower version from 6.5.1 as some of the plugins not supported in 6.5.1. Help me with the process of downgrading without any index and dashboards loss

Have you already started your nodes in 6.5.1, i.e. are your indices already migrated to the newer Lucene format?

As explained on the upgrade documentation

  • Back up your data before upgrading. You cannot roll back to an earlier version unless you have a backup of your data.

Do you have a backup of your data?

Hi Val,

I have already started my nodes in 6.5.1 and I have taken backup. Help me with the process of downgrading

You first need to reinstall an empty 6.4.3 cluster with the desired configuration. Then you have to recreate the repository where your snapshot is backed up. Your mileage may vary here depending on where your repository is stored (filesystem, S3, etc).

PUT /_snapshot/my_repo
  "type": "fs",
  "settings": {
    "location": "/path/to/your/repository"

Finally, you can simply restore your snapshot from that repository you configured in the previous step:

POST /_snapshot/my_repo/snapshot_backup_name/_restore

Hi Val,

I have taken ES snapshot from 6.5.1 and if I restore the same in 6.4.x will it create any problem like version issues etc.

Of course that won't work !!! You needed to back up your date BEFORE attempting the upgrade...

If you remove the plugins that don't work with 6.5.1 and start your cluster, what happens?
Which plugins are we talking about by the way?

As of now I haven't installed any plugins in 6.5.1 as most of the plugins are not supported 6.5.1. Right now in my ES I have only my indexes and I have taken snapshot of them. Now if I restore the same will it cause an issue.

I want to install Enhanced-Table Plugin which has support till 6.4.3

But that's a Kibana plugin, not an ES one, right?

Exactly..but both Kibana and ES has to stay in same versions right..

Yes, but apparently the developer is working on it, so if you can wait until that's done, I think it's much less of a hassle than trying to downgrade (since you'll have to reindex everything)...

Can 't you get away without that plugin for a few more days?

For sure I will wait, but I just want to know if in any case I need to downgrade my ELK stack by taking proper snapshot will it work the same way after restoring in the minor version or will I have to face any issues.

If Yes, what kind of issues will happen and how to resolve them..

You had to take the snapshot BEFORE upgrading. Now that you are on 6.5.1 with a 6.5.1 snapshot, you cannot restore that snapshot on a 6.4.3 cluster, that won't work.

If you really want to downgrade, you need to install a new 6.4.3 cluster and reindex your data.

Next time, make sure to take snapshot of your data BEFORE upgrading your nodes.

Ok. Then for upgrading from minor version to major version will minor snapshots will work for major version clusters?

Yes, that's why you need to backup your data before upgrading. In case something goes wrong, you can always go back to your earlier version and restore the data.

There is one catch though. It only works if you upgrade from one major version, i.e. 5 to 6 or 6 to 7, but not from 2 to 5 or 2 to 6. That's not your case, but just so you know. Read the link I gave you above, everything is explained in details.

Thank you so much Val

Sure, always glad to help!

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