Downgrade from 5.0 to 2.4


we have upgraded to ES 5.0 yesterday and it turned out it would be better for us to stay on 2.4 for a little longer because of a 3rd party software.

Is it possible to downgrade from 5.0 to 2.4 without reindexing? All indexes are still in "2.4" format (eg. no ES 5.0 fields & such).


I don't imagine it'll work, no. We often manipulate the cluster metadata on startup and 2.4 isn't going to understand metadata written by 5.0.

Too bad.

Well, lesson learned, need to check more 3rd party apps next time:)

Thanks, Matej

And try before on a QA cluster! :slight_smile:

BTW what were the other plugins?


as far as other plugins go, they were Kopf (but there is already Cerebro, which works fine), Elastalert (but I can se guys are already porting in to ES 5.X), Sentinl and auth bug with Kibana 5.1.1 and Searchguard (which is also resolved with kibana app, although currently in alpha version).

Oo, an of corse, some of our own apps, which needed upgraded python library and some minor changes to the code (this was my fault, forgot to test it) :slight_smile:

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