How i can store field in kibana

How i can store field in kibana?

Hi @Nazakat. I'm confused by your question. Can you elaborate a bit more?

Thanks to reply. Is there any way in kibana that we can static something in my case the host_name field is not shown when there were no logs in kibana. Hence i want to store host name field in kibana

Hi @Nazakat. I could still use a little more clarification. Can you post screenshots showing where you want to see the host_name field?

In kibana visualization , for example in last 15 minute the kibana visulization shows that user x has count 10 then after 15 minutes if a user is not using computer then it should show count 0 and yes it should also show user x

Last 15 minutes

Computer_name ** OR ****Total Count
deepaks_desktop 58

After some time if a particular user is not using the system or system is shutdown then it should show

Computer_name ** OR****Total Count
deepaks_desktop 0

data pic

This data visualization after logs not come than host is not come in kibana