How to do static field in visualization

In kibana visualization , for example in last 15 minute the kibana visulization shows that user x has count 10 then after 15 minutes if a user is not using computer then it should show count 0 and yes it should also show user x

Last 15 minutes

host_name Total Count
John 250

After some time if a particular user is not using the system or system is shutdown then it should show

host_name Total Count
John 0

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Could you provide some details about your documents in Elasticsearch and what kind of visualization you intend to create with them,

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data pic

This data visualization after logs not come than host is not come in kibana

Ok, what's the structure of you logs in Elasticsearch?

hey @matw is there any way in kibana that we can static something in my case the host_name field is not shown when there were no logs in kibana

If there are no logs, nothing can be displayed, what do you mean by static?

By static mean in above pic the Computer field show value even if there is no log and count should show 0 if there is no log

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