How many nodes should an ElasticSearch cluster have?

Hi everyone!

I am trying to understand how to better configure my ELS Cluster.
From what I understand, a node is an Elasticsearch instance (please correct me if I`m wrong).

What I want to know is:

  • Should each node be an idependent hardware? Or I can have multiple nodes on the same machine?

  • If I have a cluster with only 1 node, what could be the limitations/drawbacks. For instance, how many indexes can I have (let`s suppose each index is about 1-2GB each at max)

Also, I will be interested to know any other issues that can come with 1 node cluster and what should I consider.

Thank you!

  • each node is one host (either physical or virtual)

  • three node is best as if you have one fail node you will still have your cluster running.

  • if you only have one node and three virtual machine in same host then if your physical host die your cluster dies

  • if you have one node in cluster then also it is fine, but when it goes down your cluster is down.

  • if you have two node in cluster, then it will create a split brain if network gets lost and both nodes are up.

  • you can have 1000 of index on cluster, complete different topic

  • start implementing one node cluster, learn how it is and in no time you will have idea what is all about.

take this free webinar if you want to get more idea

-- there are many document out there, search for it for more detail.

Thank you alot!

Now I got a better understanding about the subject. I will keep going with my 1 node cluster and I will adapt on the way.

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