Cluster with 3 Nodes on 2 Hosts?


until now I only used elasticsearch as single node cluster. Now we want to head for a cluster for a new installation.

I read that I should use 3 nodes to prevent split brain situation, after a master failed and rejoins the cluster later.

What if I have 3 nodes and one master and one slave are failing simultaneously because of underlying hardware issue. Will the third node (slave) become master and will work? What if both failed nodes are coming back? Will everything be ok?

I am thinking about the following. If I don't use bare metal servers but a docker or VMWare ESX cluster of 2 hosts. Host 1 will run 2 ES Nodes, and Host 2 run 1 ES Nodes. So what if my first Host fails and recovers later?

Will my ES-cluster be available all the time?

Thanks a lot, Andreas

Elasticsearch runs clustered and does not have slave nodes. If you have 3 nodes they should all be master eligible. If you deploy these across 2 hosts you can not achieve high availability as a minimum of 3 hosts is required.


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