Master Node configuration

We will be using Elasticsearch in five environments each with it's own cluster. As we anticipate needing dedicated master nodes in most of the environments I though I could use a set of three different vms operating as masters for multiple environments - meaning running multiple nodes on each server that act as masters for the different clusters. Is this possible and if so what would be the downside? I am trying to limit the number of vms needed to run these clusters as having 3 masters and at least two data nodes for each environment is really a lot of overhead. Thank you in advance for any advice.

Other than a tribe node, you can't have a node belong to multiple clusters.

Thank you but to clarify (trying to use correct nomenclature as far as I understand it) you are saying a host cannot belong to multiple clusters? I wanted to run three nodes each belonging to different clusters on the same host.

A host may run multiple ES nodes that each can belong to different clusters, but an ES node must belong to exactly one cluster.