How many tasks are active?

I'm wondering whether or not this can be visualized.

I have data similar to this:

{"task":"A", "created_at":"2019-01-28T00:01:02Z","updated_at":"2019-01-28T00:02:03Z"}

Now it's trivial to get a graph of the count of all tasks which were started (created_at) in a certain timeframe.

It's also trivial to get that graph for the tasks which finished (updated_at) in a timeframe.

But is it possible to get a count of all the tasks which were active in a timeframe? For this I think I will have to count all tasks which were created in the timeframe and subtract all of those which were started in the timeframe and also finished.

So I want to see a graph (a line) which shows the number of tasks active at each moment in the timeframe.

With timelion I managed to created something like that by reformattiong the data a bit, but it only works when I view the graph from the start of my data collection. Not for any timeframe in between because I will get negative values as stopped tasks, started before the timeframe will also be subtracted.

@timroes can we please get some help here?


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