How should i register plugin from Hapi docs in Kibana?

hi team, is there any tutorial for this?

Can you describe what you are trying to do in more detail? Are you referring to registering a hapi plugin or is this question about kibana plugins?

The server object exposes the hapi interface so you can call any hapi method and register your hapi plugin that way.

Your kibana plugin has an index.js file that defines the configuration passed to new kibana.Plugin for initialization. Specify the init object key for your plugin configuration. init is a function that is called with the server object.

  return new kibana.Plugin({
    init: async (server) => {
      //server exposes Hapi.server()
     await server.register(require('myplugin'));

I am just trying to implement this functionality, which is a part of hapi framework. My task is to do pagination for my custom table visualization.

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