How to get the hapi server object in the latest version

At the kibana 6.4,when i develop the custom plugin,I can use the hapi server object like this ,
but at the latest kibana version,how can i get the hapi server object ?Do I need to pull in the http_server.js?

@qixian Kibana's changed a lot since 6.4 and the latest version doesn't expose the underlying Hapi server on purpose. In the new platform, all the underlying hapi server methods are now exposed through CoreSetup. To help folks navigate the new way of doing things, we've written a guide and tried to give as many examples as possible. There's even one for migrating hapi pre-handlers!

There's a lot more in those docs that we hope will help. Good luck!

I hava looked at the docs,is there no way to access the hapi server object?

No, you have to use core services.


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