How smooth we can upgrade Elasticsearch to 8.0

we are trying upgrade Elasticsearch from 6.7 to 7.7, as per the docs index creation, template and mapping requests are need to be passing parameter "include_type_name" in the request uri.

but in 8.0 this is gone be removed completely , as long as we are in 7.x this is fine , but what about if we are trying to 8.0 as the parameter will go away.

Some thoughts on this?

The recommended path is to upgrade to 6.8 first, because 6.8 will warn you about any deprecated features and other breaking changes. You can work through those warnings at your own pace, and once you've resolved them all you should have no trouble upgrading.

Similarly, before upgrading to 8.0 you should upgrade to the latest 7.x version and resolve all the deprecation warnings. The latest 7.x version isn't released yet, nor are any pre-release versions of 8.0, so this is all a long way off.

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Thanks for Reply @DavidTurner one final question , if indices created with custom type called "my_type" in 7.7 (used include_type_name set true) to escape deprecations warnings. but in future release 8.0 still can we use typed api calls?
what is preferred way for existing indices.
i) using custom type as it is ?(In 7.7 still we can use, but not sure about 8.x)
ii) creating new index without type and re-index with old index(typed)? and remove type name in codebase?

Please correct me for any wrong understand.


The same basic principles apply here as everywhere else: if you are getting deprecation warnings then you need to change something before upgrading.

Here's a blog post that hopefully helps:

8.0 won't support typed API calls, but your indices already only have one type so there's no need to mention its name anyway. You should already be moving to typeless APIs.

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