How to access custom elastic search plugin url in kibana custom plugin

(Ritesh Kapoor) #1

A new Elasticsearch plugin with endpoint e.g. /_pql is installed. I'm developing a new kibana plugin, How to send a request to this url through kibana

I have tried:

init: function (server) {
method: ['POST', 'GET'],
path: '/api/_pql',
handler: async (request, reply) => {


     const { callWithRequest } = server.plugins.elasticsearch.getCluster('admin');

      return callWithRequest(request, '/_pql', {"quey:":"example'"})
      .then(function (resp) {

and I'm getting

server error [09:14:58.081] [warning][process] Error: called with an invalid endpoint: /_pql
at callAPI

(Tyler Smalley) #2

You will need to extend elasticsearch-js to be aware of the new endpoint. The "clusters" represented by "getCluster" can not be extended, so you will need to create a new cluster with your elasticsearch-js extension. You can see how we did this with monitoring here:

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