How to add a global dashboard filter that will only be shown when the dashboard is not embedded

I'm trying to add a filter to a dashboard without the filter shown in the embedded dashboard.
Is there a way to do so? Add it in edit mode, save it and somehow for it not to be visible to the user while he is using my site.


Yes, but you can't save the filters- if they are saved to the dashboard they will get loaded every time. So you can either:

  • Have no filters saved to the dashboard, and add filters each time you need them. A shortcut for this is to use a Saved Query which contains the filters
  • Another shortcut for this is to bookmark the URL of the dashboard with the correct filters

The saved query as you said is a shortcut but it is still seen at the filters bar.

No way to not see the filters at all?


Using the Share > Embed code options you can get an iframe URL that hides the filter bar entirely- it's a relatively new feature, if my memory is correct it's from 7.6 and higher

Thanks, but I d want the filter bar to be shown.

I think we found how to do this.
Add an index alias with this filter and use this alias with out index pattern


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