Embedding dashboard in website with dynamic filter param

I want to embbed dashboard on my website:

  • i need to know how to pass URL filters dynamically so i can show each customer only their dashboard data based in customer_id field or other fields.

  • Also how to remove the topbar add filter so they can create own filters

  • And how to hide/remove the loading kibana picture while it is loading so users dont know we are using kibana as whitelabel.


You might have to explore various options here and we are still implementing input controls.
You can use share on Kibana dashboards to users. You can either embed a link or embed iFrames in a dashboard.

Unfortunately you cannot remove the topbar add filter right now.


I already know i can embed clicking share and iframe but what i want to pass a query_string to the dasbord so it will filter the data we show for every users.

I read in closed github issue that in 6.x is possible to remove the add filter topbar also.

what about removing loading kibana?


That is not fixed for sure. If you see this issue: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/14076

For removal of Kibana logo - you need to replace the logo image and that's a hack right now. We have long term plans of giving a way for users to do it but it's not in the roadmap yet.

For passing query string urls - may be you can create saved searches with your query - use those saved searches to create visualizations and then share that dashboard?


And is possible to pass a query_string to the dashboard url in the iframe to show only some data?

Ah I just edited my previous answer before noticing the slip. Hope that helps.


that will not work if i have one dashboard that want to reuse for 1000 users i dont want to create 1000 saved searches for each userid, visualizations, dahsboards. There must be a way to have just one generic dashboard that show all data but then you can pass query_string from the website iframe to embed inside website but show each user their own dashboard data

You might have to look at building your own plugin for this then? Here are some examples: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/known-plugins.html


The embedding feature is not very useful for real multitenant applications, it would be good if you improve this area.

Does x-pack reporting allow this? to generate one generic dashboard but that each user/role will have a field filter that will allow them only see their data?

Ideally there should be some kind of static embedding where you publish in your internet website a kibana dashboard without exposing kibana/elasticsearch to users as it is behing fireall.

When embedding the webite asp.net will download the static embedded url from kibana all static dashboard( html,js, css etc) and put all code into iframe. In this way you can use kibana for nice reporting in your website without allowing users to login in kibana or modify filters, etc


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