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I wanted to create a dynamic dashboard according data i would inject into the embed dashboard code, i know it is possible to pass filters as params but is it possible to pass custom data too?

It's probably related to some other questions that i cant seem to find,

Thank you very much

Just to make sure I'm following - you are embedding a dashboard in an iframe and you are wondering about passing arbitrary query string parameters containing additional data to render on the page?

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Exactly, thanks a lot btw, im wondering if i can/should, pass data in a way like filters in order to change the dashboard data, is this possible or do i need a custom plugin?

If you want to visualize additional data, you'd need to create a custom plugin to handle this. The main reason being that the dashboard has a few "global" concepts like queries & filters, but generally speaking all the dashboard does is render a bunch of items that are registered from various apps via the Embeddables API, and these embeddables won't know what to do with your custom data.

Yes, instead of just passing filters and queries, i actually want to inject the data that i pretend to visualize, on the same dashboard, probably that will also avoid the Kibana reload. Is there any documentation that can help me understand this better? Im new to kibana and was trying to get a 'under the hood' perception, just creating a custom plugin wont do anything to the dashboard per se. Thanks a lot once again

The dashboard application doesn't offer any hooks into its functionality such that you could add one-off visualizations from the URL alone. To do what you are describing, it sounds like you'd need to create a plugin that extends the dashboard application -- or build something else entirely like a browser extension.

If you'd like to familiarize yourself with building custom Kibana plugins, the best place to start at the moment is probably by using the plugin generator from the latest master branch. We have been in the process of migrating away from our legacy platform, so we are still updating docs to reflect how plugins should be developed. In the meantime, the plugin generator is a good starting point.

You could also check out this migration guide, as well as the /examples directory in the Kibana repo to get a feel for how plugins are structured.

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Alright, i'll do,

Just making sure we're on the same page,

What i intend to do is (selecting a button outside of kibana and based on that, i'll do the operation of fetching new data according the filter and pass it to kibana in order to generate a new filter)

This is possible, right ?

Thanks a lot

If the goal is to add a new filter to the dashboard based on then URL parameters, and you are working with fields that already exist in the visualizations on the dashboard, then yes -- this should be possible.

So, tldr, ive sent the data from my app to a plugin on kibana, now, my next step is to be able to do a loop on the available filters and fill them all with values X times,

e.g. (index a: '123', index b: '124')
this is being quite more complex


The last question i have since i have achieved pretty much 90% of the intended flow,

Triggering a change in the iframe href or src always triggers a new kibana full load, is there anyway i can prevent this ? (I know big part of this is caused due to iframes core logic when the detection of src is triggered internally, i was just wondering if you had / know a solution to avoid a full kibana re-load)


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