How to embed existing dashboard in custom kibana plugin


Is there a way to embed the existing kibana dashboards in custom plugin?
I have referred the dashboard embeddable example plugin code - Embeddables plugin | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic
but this doesn't seem to embed an existing dashboard.
My requirement is to get a list of existing dashboards and embed the selected one in my plugin.
Let me know if this is possible also please share documentation link for dashboard embeddable example plugin code if any.


You can embed a dashboard as an iframe. From an existing Dashboard go to Share > Embed code and that will give you iframe code.

Yes but apart from that is there any other way?

No, I am afraid not

Oh, Thank you @majagrubic, I thought just like embedding visualisations there might be a way to embed dashboards.
I have some more doubts as follows :

  • Is it possible to embed an existing plugin in my plugin?
  • Is it possible to embed an existing visualisation in my plugin and customise it as per requirement?

Kibana has a concept of embeddables that can be used in other plugins, yes. Please read our documentation on this and come back if you still have questions.

Thanks @majagrubic
I have been reading the code mentioned in the documentation, but it seems to be baffling. Is there an example custom plugin which has used the Embeddable plugins code as reference?

Also, for embedding visualisations, I have gone through this webinar - Developing Kibana Visualizations | Elastic Videos

The code seems to be for previous versions and does not work on the kibana v7.x.x
In the webinar its suggested to refer Embedding Visualizations | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic which is now deleted.
Let me know if there is a documentation for embedding visualisations in kibana plugins with v7 and above

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