How to add automatically all the indices from elasticsearch to kibana?

I am trying to list my elasticsearch indices into kibana for a visualization, so that I can use the data in my program.
Whenever I try to map the index in kibana, I manually input the name of the index. I have 20 + indices into elasticsearch and I do not prefer to index them manually.
I would like to know how I can make the mapping automatic? If any configuration or coding is require then how I can achieve to develop a plugin for my requirements. Kindly help me.

Here is the Kibana5 management console for indexed patterns:

As one can see only one index finale in the list. That I have done manually. But I have many indices, so need to make the process automatic. Kindly help me with suggestions.

Theres no easy way to do this currently. The index pattern creation steps are done in the browser using kibana's proxy to elasticsearch, and it makes several requests - the code is here

You could go through that code and extract parts, or inspect the requests kibana is making when an index pattern is created and do the same thing with a separate script.

Thank you for your reply. But can you please share with me, how I can and where I can make the changes. I will be delighted to know more.
Please help me.

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