How to add/create clusters in logstash?

I want to add clustering mechanism into the logstash. Can anybody help me out in this?

Logstash does not currently cluster.

What exactly are you trying to achieve.

Following is the deployment scenario.
We are using ELK stack (ElasticSearch,Logstash and Kibana for UI)
Elastic Search will be deployed on 3 nodes which form one Cluster.
We also want to Cluster Logstash which provides Input for ES.
Presently we are thinking of deploying 2 Logstash Instances in Cluster.
Can you suggest how this can be achieved?
There are 4 FileBeat instances per Logstash.
Pl. let me know.
Thanks in adavnce....

FYI we’ve renamed ELK to the Elastic Stack, otherwise Beats and APM feel left out! :wink:

Logstash is s single instance process, so you can just install it multiple times.

Thanks :wink:

Tell me one thing if I have 8 file beat instance with me & my logstash input configuration is like,
input {
beats {
host => host1
port => port1
beats {
host => host2
port => port2
beats {
host => host3
port => port3

beats {
host => hostn
port => portn

& if my logstash instance get crashed or in ideal mode then how do I recognize it? & In this process if some data lost happend then how do I track all those data?
Is there any recovery mechanism logstash have using we identify above scenarios?


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