How to add custom functions to kibana timelion?

i have read the following article

The footnotes in the article gives steps to add a custom function to says to add the function in a specified path and then remove the timelion bundle file. After doing this when i restarted kibana, the kibana interface is stuck. is this the only way to add a custom function? or is there any other method to do it? Can we actually add custom functions to the Timelion? kindly help me out..
Thanks in advance..

There's a good chance that the functions there aren't compatible with a newer version of Kibana. The recommended workflow now is to create a plugin, can be used as a reference.

Can share the error in your browsers developer tools?

Thanks for the reply..But is there any other timelion function to achieve the results obtained using the showifgreater() function that is mentioned in the article? i have tried using if() but couldn't achieve..ofcourse it is clear that a new function is added since the remaining cant achieve the same results..But just want to know if there is any possibility that am missing out..can u please help me out

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