Major performance issues when using Timelion

When using Timelion visualizations there are major performance issues. Most of the time giving no response or having very long response time (see Images). The sampling interval is set to auto and the max bucket count is 2000. Kibana Version is 6.7.2.


The query looks like this:

.es(timefield=customtimestamp, metric=max:value).derivative().if(gt, 100, 100).if(lt, 0, 
0).subtract(.es(timefield=customtimestamp, q='value2:key', metric=count:value).if(gt, 100, 100).if(lt, 
0, 0)).label('name').bars(stack=true),
.es(timefield=customtimestamp, q='value2:key', metric=count:value).if(gt, 100, 100).if(lt, 0, 
.es(timefield=customtimestamp, q='value2:key', metric=count:value).if(gt, 100, 100).if(lt, 0, 

What could be done to improve performance / respone time without beefing up the hardware?

So I found out specifying the index with


helps alot. Is there something else that would help?

You have a lot of calculations being done there and Timelion hits ES directly and by default it hits all indices on ES, so specifying the index is pretty much the best thing you can do other than making your chart simpler. You should look into Visual Builder as there is no active development being done on TImelion and there is a plan of phasing it out:

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