Timelion is not reflecting the time series

(Logeswaran) #1

Hi Team,

I am new to Elastic Search. I have started exploring it and when I write my first timelion query it is not working. I am trying to generate the timeseries for the rejected percentage of the records.


(Archana ) #2

Not sure if just a typo in this message, your in your actual query in timelion, but you have multipy instead of multiply.

What is the error you're getting?

(Logeswaran) #3

Sorry for the typo. I m not getting any errors. I have got the empty time series only.

But I have data points in the index.

I m trying to get the rejected percentage. If pipeline aggregation is possible in visualization then I can achieve it easily?

(Archana ) #4

Yes, you can definitely achieve this. I'm working on something locally. Will update!

(Logeswaran) #5

Sure will wait for the update.. Thanks

(Archana ) #6

Maybe your granularity is set too narrow or too broad. Do you have your setting at "auto"? You might try changing that.

(Logeswaran) #7

It worked. Thanks

Are we still not supported with Pipeline Aggregation in Kibana Visualization?

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