How to add default @timestamp to my elastic search data

I am trying to populate dashboard in kibana with Elasticsearch data on date fields . I have log file with dates and i find that i don't have @timestamp in it.

Here is mapping :

PUT test2
"settings": {
"index.mapping.ignore_malformed": true
"mappings": {
"my_type": {
"properties": {
"Size": {"type": "integer","ignore_malformed": true },
"Copy Size": {"type": "integer","ignore_malformed": true }
"Email Sent Time": {"type": "date"},
"Creation Time": {"type": "date"},
"Modification Time": {"type": "date"}

How to add default timestamp? To create area chart in kibana.

There is no such mechanism in elasticsearch that adds automatically a @timestamp field. Best thing to do is to generate it from your application which creates the other fields.

Note that this is not needed by Kibana. If you wish to use a time field you can always tell Kibana to use your Creation Time field or one of the other date fields.

Thanks David,

I have doubt, when i apply time filter in kibana it's shows no results and without time filter its showing results .
Now the problem is when i am trying to populate area chart its not working properly .

I don't understand why and what's happening.

I can't tell with few details but it's better to ask in #kibana channel I think.

#kibana channel not replying.

how to check date in elasticsearch , do we have any query to get dates monthly.

Please keep the discussion in Date fields are not working then.

You can always ask again on the same message ( Date fields are not working ) to see if someone can help.

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