How to add lookup fields to kibana visualization?

Say I am using lens to find all product ids in an index with a certain criteria and display in a table. Then I want to lookup the product id in another index to get the product name. So finally the result is a table that has a list of all the product names instead of just ids.

In mongo charts this is called lookup fields but I can't find the equivalent in kibana charts.

Hi I'm pretty sure this is not possible in Lens right now.
If your lookup table is not too big and is static you can create such kind of lookup using a scripted field.
I'm checking the Lens team if this is under their radar in the near future

Is this possible in visualize or something else in kibana? We've been migrating from mongo and really need lookup fields to rebuild the dashboard

At the moment the only things you can do are:

  • do that lookup upfront, at index time
  • use a static-lookup field in the index pattern
    There are multiple discussion around about adding or not this feature to Elasticsearch but there is no such solution at the moment

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