Change a field name for better visualization

I have an index that shows an number ID, less ideal to visualize in a graph. I would like to change it to an actual name based on a table.
I tried to use synonyms, but I don't seem to get it work with Kibana visualization.
Is there a way to do it?
Would it be better to reindex with logstash and add a field instead, but then how would I call that table? I don't want to put it in a DB.

That sounds like a perfect use case for the "Static lookup" field formatter configurable in the index pattern. Go into your index pattern in the management section, edit a field (by clicking the pencil icon right to it) and then select the static lookup formatter. Now you can enter your mappings (id -> name) and they should show up in visualizations.

Exactly what I was looking for! thanks!

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