I have create an index and insert 5 records in kibana problem is that name field is showing in discover

but when i make visualisation name field is not in showing in the visualisation field. please help

Check the mapping of your index - it looks like "Name" is a "text" field. Those can be viewed individually, but you can't aggregate over them (which is what visualizations do). Try changing the type of name to "keyword" in your mapping, re-ingesting your data and then refreshing the index pattern in Kibana, then the field should show up in Visualize

can i update the mapping in the current index can i change the data type from text to keyword? please help if yes how

No, but you can create a separate index under a new name with the updated mapping next to your current index, then use the reindex API to move the data over, then delete the source index.

@Syed.Ubaid just wanted to pop in to ask that you please use more descriptive topic titles. Unfortunately yours doesn't really explain anything about what problem you are trying to solve, which makes it much harder for people to help you :slight_smile:

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